Hitting the Big Time with Ed Leavitt

Great news for Ed Leavitt, songwriter, rhythm guitar player, and male vocalist of The Shana Stack Band.

Ed received the outstanding news that his song, "Let It Go" would be featured in the Sundance Film Festival movie, "Compliance". The movie is getting rave reviews and OurStage.com, the New Music Revolution site designed for all kinds of music, and an affiliate of MTV, has congratulated Ed and others on their contributions to the movie and for their contribution to music around the world.

OurStage wrote: "Congratulations to OurStage artists Admiral Twin, Ashley Robertson, Bearin' Peace, Jesi Kettering, Daniel Whittington, Blacklisted Individuals, Gar Richmond, Konshens and Ed Leavitt of The Shana Stack Band and Jason Eustice. They all had songs in the film "Compliance," which is one of the most talked about films at Sundance Film Festival this week!"

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Congratulations again to Ed Leavitt for his outstanding contribution to songwriting and being a vital member behind The Shana Stack Band's success.

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